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How Does It Work?


Once you walk into our studio, you will be surrounded by hundreds of options to paint, with many already-glazed samples to offer inspiration.

Choose your piece, choose a seat, and our fantastic staff will give you a tutorial on our glazes and the best ways to use them.


Have a specific idea but no clue how to create it? Ask! We will make sure you are happy with your results, whether you want to recreate a logo, use stamps or silkscreens, or try a new technique such as bubbles or marbling.



Pricing is a combination of the studio fee and the pottery chosen.

Our studio fee is $11 per person, regardless of age, and you can stay as long as you like and paint as much as you want for that one fee. Click here to see when our discount days are!


The studio fee includes the use of all brushes, over 160 glazes, stencils, stamps, idea books, kiln firing, studio space, and any assistance you may need from our great staff!


Pottery pieces range from $2 to $200, depending on the size and complexity/detail of the piece, but most pieces are between $10-$40.

bisque stock.jpg


How Long To Paint:

The average person, painting an average-sized piece, will take about 1.5 hours to paint. The time varies on detail, size, and type of glaze used. Small children tend to be done within 30 minutes or less!

How Long Until You Get It Back:

Your pieces will be put into the queue to be glaze-fired, and we will call you in about 12-14 days. This time could lengthen during busy times such as school vacation weeks and Christmas.

You will NOT be able to take your pottery home the same day you paint it. If you need something to be a same-day project, we recommend choosing a non-food piece (such as a figurine) and painting it with acrylic paint at home. Or you can choose our Pottery To-Go option, details at this link.

How Long Will We Hold It For You?

We will hold onto all finished, fired customer pieces for 30 days from our first attempt to contact you that it is ready to pick up. After 30 days we will consider the pieces abandoned and will discard them.

Image by Malvestida
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