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  • Purchase a 25-lb bag of clay for the set price of $150 (+tax) to gain access to our wheels, slab roller, clay tools, and the use of over 150 glazes!

  • Membership also includes all bisque and glaze firings for everything produced with that bag of clay. When you use up your bag of clay, purchase another membership and keep on going!


  • Our studio is open to Clay Co-op members during our normal business hours. Come in at your convenience to throw on the wheel, hand build, or glaze your pottery -- no reservations needed.

  • Please be aware that we do not reserve any of our equipment, so if both wheels are in use you may have to wait or come back at another time. Also, our wheel lessons are held on Sundays, so you may want to call ahead on those days to see if a lesson is in progress.


  • At this time, we have a waiting list for cubby space. This means that all new members are required to carry their clay with them to and from the studio.

  • Members who do have cubbies are required to utilize the studio at least once every two weeks, otherwise we offer it to the next Clay Co-op member in line.


  • Membership is for ONE person only! Having a guest is $20 per person, per day.

  • All clay offered is low-fire white, bisque-fired to Cone 04. This is the only option right now. 

  • Bisque firings are done on the 1st and 15th of each month. Glaze firings are more frequent, but all pieces are put in the queue with all other customer pieces waiting to be glazed-fired. Glazed pottery can be picked up within 10-12 business days from when it went into the queue.

  • Our clay co-op is not meant as a one-day activity! This is a long-term membership, meant to allow practice and growth in clay skills over a period of time.

  • Membership assumes you have a basic knowledge of wheel-throwing and/or hand-building. We offer lessons for both if you are interested. Click here for more info on lessons.


  • You may choose to just purchase a bag of clay for $50 (plus tax). This option does NOT include a membership!

  • All work must be done at home or off-site.

  • NO access to equipment, tools, pottery wheels, slab roller, etc.

  • Greenware brought to studio to be fired must be completely dry and ready to go right into the kiln.

  • Bisque firings cost $5/piece or $30/kiln-load.

  • Glaze firings cost the regular studio fee of $10 per person.

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