Moose Kit

Moose Kit

Our Grab n' Go Moose Kit is the perfect at home activity for all ages! Each kit comes with:

-1 Moose figurine

-2 paint brushes

-Tan, dark brown, white, and black glaze for a classic Moose! (Or choose your own 4 colors!) 

-A set of miniature light embellishments to drape across their antlers once you get your piece back after firing!

  • Glazing Tips

    -Your kit will have miniature light embellishements included when you pick your Moose, set them aside in a safe place so you an add them to your creation once it has been fired!

    -Three coats of glaze will give you a solid color, one to two coats of glaze will appear lighter and brushstrokes will be more noticeable.

    -We dip your whole Moose in a clear glaze before we fire it, so any part of your piece that is not painted will just be white and shiny!

    -A little bit of glaze goes a long way! An excess of glaze can result in “crawling” which means a bare spot will appear on your pottery. Do not exceed four coats of glaze and this should not be a problem

    -Make sure your hands are clean before you start painting your pottery, as glaze will not stick to grease marks or greasy fingerprints!

    -Our glazes wash off (finished) surfaces and most fabrics easily with soap and water.

    -Once your piece is finished, return it to our studio during open hours so we can fire it for you!

    -Please make sure you return your FIRING SLIP with your Moose!

    -Pack your Moose back into the original bubble wrap, or gently wrap in newspaper so the glaze doesn’t scratch off during transport. Turn around to get your pottery back is 7-10 business days!

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