Cow Kit

Cow Kit

Our Grab n' Go Kits are the perfect at home activity for all ages! Each kit comes with:

-1 Animal figurine

-Glazing instructions

-2 paint brushes

-1 mini winter hat

-White, black, red, blue and yellow glaze for a classic paint job! (Or choose your own 4 colors!) 

***Please note that colors are measured out with enough glaze to paint the entire figurine in a classic style!



  • Glazing Instructions

    -Three coats of glaze will give you a solid color, one to two coats of glaze will appear lighter and brushstrokes will be more noticeable.

    -We dip your whole Bear in a clear glaze before we fire it, so any part of your piece that is not painted will just be white and shiny!

    -A little bit of glaze goes a long way! An excess of glaze can result in “crawling” which means a bare spot will appear on your pottery. Do not exceed four coats of glaze and this should not be a problem

    -Make sure your hands are clean before you start painting your pottery, as glaze will not stick to grease marks or greasy fingerprints!

    -Our glazes wash off (finished) surfaces and most fabrics easily with soap and water.

    Once your piece is finished, return it to our studio during open hours so we can fire it for you!

    -Please make sure you return your FIRING SLIP with your Bear and ONLY RETURN THE HAT if you want it glued to your Bear!

    -Pack your Bear back into the original bubble wrap, or gently wrap in newspaper so the glaze doesn’t scratch off during transport. Turn around to get your pottery back is 7-10 business days!

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