Waiver and Release of Liability

I acknowledge and fully understand that my child, as a youth participant in the Tip Top Art Camp, will be engaging in a program that involves specialized equipment. I fully understand that in such a setting, accidents may happen and I hold blameless the organizers, equipment, property owner or others either taking part in the activity or instructing at the time.

In understanding that there is some risk to any activity, I accept personal responsibility for any and all damages that result from accident, injury or disability however caused. In this understanding, I release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Tip Top Pottery, their affiliates, respective administrators, directors, and volunteers, employees of the organization or other participants.

I take full responsibility for any demands placed upon me, losses or damages on account of injury caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of anyone, including the organization, involved or otherwise.

Should any camper engage in behavior that is deemed inappropriate or unsafe by program staff, he/she/they will be sent home to their parents or guardians with no compensation. Should a camper choose not to participate in the program, choose not attend camp, or leave before the week is finished, I understand that no part of their tuition or deposit will be refunded.

I have read the above waiver and I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions. I accept full responsibility for taking part in this event and agree that Tip Top Art Camp, and those acting on their behalf and other participants will not be held liable.

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